In July of 2016, we held our 2nd Annual Charity Fashion Show - Fashion For Leaps of Love. For those who aren't familiar, Leaps of Love is a wonderful local organization that assists childhood cancer families, focusing on brain tumors and the late-effects of their treatments.  Their goal is to help these families engage together and give them hope, strength and encouragement to endure the challenges everyone in the family faces. Family retreats, social events, outings, workshops and more can help give these families the opportunity to strengthen their lives with the support, wisdom and encouragement of others who have experienced similar scenarios to theirs.  

As I was finally able to sit down and review all of the images from the show, I came down with a serious case of the *feels*.  I'm sitting here with happy tears as I watch the crowd cheering and smiling, and I get goose bumps as the members of the Leaps of Love family take to the runway.  The amount of joy that comes with being able to work with such an amazing organization is almost beyond words.  I feel such pride as I relive the moments with all of these outstanding teens who worked hard to give back to such a special cause, and I'm so thankful to all of the individuals and businesses who donated and helped us make this show a success.  Without them, none of this would be possible.  The community support for this event has never disappointed, and I bet you a dollar you can't help but smile as you see the shots from our audience participation portion of the show...I have proof: Grandmas can OWN the runway!

To make this happen, it truly does take a village.  I've listed the volunteers and sponsors below.  These are individuals and businesses who choose to make a positive impact on our communities.  They either donated their services, or they provided monetary donations, and we cannot thank them enough.  I want to give a special thanks to Buckle, Fairview Heights.  This is our second year working with this team, and they put a TON of time and heart into our event!  From invading their store for styling, to them lugging all of the clothing and accessories to the show and back, to the thoughtful gifts they gave to our models and the LOL is so heart-warming to have such a wonderful partner in this annual event!!  

With everyone's help and support, we were able to raise $4,678.14 for this incredible organization!!!!  That is more than double last year's total!!  I'm blown away!

Please be sure to check out the gallery of photos and the videos below.  Also, don't hesitate to share this page with others!  If you were there this year, let everyone know what a great time you had!  If you weren't there, sorry you missed it, but we hope to see you next time!

**SAVE THE DATE ~ August 4, 2017!  Our goal is to pack the house!**



Renee Steinmann (photography)

Siarra Cheyenne Price with S. Price Media (choreography, rehearsals, videography, and all around amazing help!!)

Claire Munie (night-after-night of rehearsals, high energy, and wonderful help for the kids!)

Eric N Sykes (our always amazing emcee)

Alex Kuczka (the awesome DJ)

Myrisa Tame (my summer intern who helped me pull things together and helped out all night backstage)

Allie Kramer (backstage volunteer)

Theresa Fry and Mikayla Fry (backstage volunteer)

Traci Patterson (backstage volunteer)

Harmony Kapp (Buckle/backstage volunteer)

Chrissy Kraemer (breakfast fuel for rehearsals!)

Kim Quain and Jeff Quain (manning my booth, t-shirt sales)

Kelsey Lane (worked the Leaps of Love table)

Amber Zick Stallard and Karen Ellen (tickets)

Chrissy Cagle Imming and Tami Kleinhoffer (ushers)

Renee Steinmann - Photographer


Buckle - Clothing Partner (and friends!)  This is their 2nd year, and we want to thank them for their time, their amazing styling, and the thoughtful gifts!

Jak & Peppar / Mustard Pie - Clothing Partner

Girls' Night Out - Dress Partner

Receptions by Robin - Tux Partner

13 amazing vendors!


Kaylee Wilson

Erin Criswell

Britni Diesen

Felicia Frey

Jenna Rimkus

Chelsea Kohrmann Simonton

Natalie Marron

Carol Kohlbrecher-Weiss

Erica Voss Lee

Erin Huelskamp

Hannah Moravec

Tiffany Wesselmann


Chef Gutzler's Butterfly Patio - VIP Food Vendor

KC Hall, Highland IL - Venue

Dance House


Green Construction

Rustic Roots

Yates Quality Concrete

Compustitch Embroidery

The Korte Company

Dairy Queen - Granite City

David & Lisa Kniepmann

Everlasting Etch

JJB Sealing & Engraving

Gene & Linda Zick (in memory of Rodney & Peggy Zick)

Marty & Amber Zick Stallard

Glen & Tari Fleming Johnson

Alan & Teressa Ifft

David & Carol West Fleming Niccum

Traci Eilers Korte (Stella & Dot)

Diana Williams

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Callie's West Central Salon

Steve Schmitt

Eric & Lisa Fleming

Jose Valdez

Cypress Restaurant & Lounge

THIS was all made possible because of each of YOU!

GALLERY ~ 2ND ANNUALY FASHION FOR LOL (photo credit - Renee Steinmann)


VIDEO ~ 2nd ANNUAL FASHION FOR LOL (video credit - S Price Media)

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