The 1st Annual #FLYTEAM Family Flag Football Game!

The #FLY program is a year-round program, which involves giving back to the community, building friendships, and fun photo sessions.  When I was trying to find a unique idea for the senior team's fall session, one thing stood out...FOOTBALL!  I wanted an afternoon of parents and seniors bonding, and I wanted something they would remember.  The team invited guests, moms (cheerleaders) brought some tailgating food, we packed a huge heater and hot chocolate, and the 1st Annual #FLYTEAM Flag Football Game was on!

We started with some team photos.  As you can see from the bad ass looks on their faces, they were out for blood.  I could tell from the beginning that the dads and other guests were all in, and this was going to be a serious game....  

Then, it began...and I realized I was completely mistaken.  All seriousness was out the window, and it was nothing but fun! Our ref (my youngest son) let way too many fouls go before joining one of the teams, himself.  Then, there was the someone running with a ball tucked under their sweatshirt (not naming names...MADISON).  We also had a few "man down" situations that turned into hysterics!  My face seriously hurt at the end of the day from laughing so hard!!

I'm not quite sure who officially won, but I know we all had a great time!  Despite the cold and the wind, they were all troopers!  I am so blessed to be able to work with and get to know such amazing young men and women, along with their parents!

Be sure to scroll allllll the way through to see the teams AND the action!

Here's to the start of an awesome tradition!!



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