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Meet Bailey - HHS Class of 2017!

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Four words your friends or family would use to describe you:

Smart, Determined, Honest and Hard-working

Hobbies, Sports, Interests:

Cheerleading and Running

Biggest accomplishment in life (so far)?

Winning ICCA State for cheerleading and winning the Top All American award at our NCA camp.

Favorite Things:

Sour Skittles, Ice Cream, Strawberry Lemonade

Cannot Live Without:

Chapstick, Friends and Family, Food!

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What is your definition of beauty?

Being yourself and feeling confident in how you look!

Who do you look up to most, and why?

My mom! She's like the best friend that never leaves lol! She's always there for me no matter what!

What do you plan to do after high school?

Go to college at the University of Louisville and hopefully join their cheerleading team.

When you grow up you want to be...

Doing a job that makes me successful!

What are you most excited about for your senior year?

Making memories during the last year my friends and I have together! Also, going to as many events as possible and having fun with my class before we're all at separate colleges.

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